Analyse The Assignment Question

We’re going to be looking at how to write anything first of all let’s consider exactly what is an essay and they say is basically a short written composition which focuses on a single subject it’s based on research say in order to write an essay you first have to gather information on a particular topic assess the information you’ve gathered and then formulate your opinion on the subject in order to answer the question which has been said now during this information gathering and assessment process you get to come across different ideas on the topic formulating your own opinion is based on your understanding of what the different authors say in other words you need to understand all sides of the debate on the topic and then present a clear logical case for the opinion you have formulated on that topic.

Let’s have a look at an example of a typical essay question observational learning is an important means of socialization for children discuss the content of popular primetime television shows what are the patterns of behavior that children may learn as a result of watching primetime television so if you had to answer this question you would first we have to gather material that various experts have published on the effect of television programming on children this could be from various disciplines for example psychological educational sociological once you’ve read ybm understand also the debate you have to then formulate your own opinion on the topic and present what you think the patterns of behavior are which affect our children behave the grade you get for the essay is going to depend on whether you can convince your marker that you have read widely enough to have a clear grasp of all the different perspectives on the subject and then you have synthesized what you have read into a coherent point of view a case which indicates where you stand in the debate in other words it presents a personal view of the topic under discussion now with any big project it’s always best to break it down into smaller tasks in the process of writing an essay we can break the process down into the following steps step one is to analyze the assignment question before writing an essay.

It’s best to start off by analyzing the assignment question first so that you know exactly what it is you’re being asked to do in step two then we’ll move on to how to do the research step three books on how to write a thesis statement and when we’ve done all our research and we have our thesis statement we can move on to step four and then you start organizing the essay in step five we can start writing our first draft and once we have a draft step six is to get some feedback and then make changes based on that feedback and then finally in step seven we make revisions to our draft and write our final essay before submitting it.