Dialogue in Research Paper

A really good thing about writing a paper is it something you can share with other people while you got all this stuff swirling about in your head it’s very difficult for anybody else to comment on it or indeed engage in any dialogue with you you can sometimes do that one-to-one with somebody else but often that’s a bit disorganized you know you start conversation with the whiteboard it’s all very good but actually you know it’s not something you can do in five minutes so the at your act of setting out to your idea in in written form can be a very helpful way to have a do to open a dialogue with somebody.  Great workshops at Edusson.

There’s having sense yeah for you personally astray first oh I’m going to say lots about content in a second I’m just talking at the moment so the question was do you write the abstract first or last actually last but um but I’m going to but here I’m just concentrating on get started with my ting early but almost nobody does yes related to this would you recommend meeting your papers before you do the research oh no one actually going all the way to submitting it to a major conference their workshops are work in progress yes officer for graduate students graduate consortiums absolutely so yes for sort of workshop II things do submit stuff that is in progress.

Say that in progress like if you liked it you think actually this makes no sense at all then you probably don’t want to submit it but absolutely one of the nice things about computer science is that it it’s just like a fractal it expands like a snowflake in ahead of you so everybody turns out is working in a different part of the snowflake unlike say biochemistry where everybody is converging on a particular the boundary of science is very well-defined so people are kind of in competition in computer science you’re much less in competition with other people and so it’s much easier to share so yes share half-baked ideas just advertise them a soft baked yes what about majors what about positioning papers yes well you mean I’m trying to work in this kind of area right yeah I have a greater year yeah I just didn’t the algorithm but I want to get my ID out there sure so provided the the venue is you know open to that and you’re upfront about what you’re doing absolutely like just about communication you’re trying to say is anybody else interested this idea yeah yeah so you beat be open speak early but I’m I’m almost my main point here is really to do with almost communication with yourself right about starting writing but also the dialogue with others is important okay so but one thing just about having having ideas is I think I’ve sort of put that pipe way more or less said this that for me writing writing is not an output medium like this this is.