The Tri-State Development Summit is sharpening its focus and addressing issues related to four task forces. Summit Task Force committees have been the driving force behind a number of accomplishments in the tri-state region, including:

  • Achieving the development of nearly 1,300 miles of regional highway priorities.
  • Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to network and grow their businesses.
  • Promoting regional tourist attractions through collaborative marketing pieces.
  • Starting a Workforce Development Consortium that works with the private sector to offer training needed to strengthen the economy of the entire region.

The 4 Summit Task Forces and the years they were established are:

Connectivity (2007)
Housing (2005)
Tourism (1997)
Transportation (including Rivers Issues) (1997)

In addition to the work of the 4 Task Forces, the Tri-State Development Summit also supports the following areas of interest and recognizes the important role they play in economic development for our 35-county tri-state region:

Emergency Response
Workforce Development